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Karaikudi Chennai

What Do We Do ?

We have combined the Art & Science of cooking to standardize the cooking process of over 1300+ recipes, which can be cooked by any unskilled person.

Central Kitchen

Central Kitchen model is at the core of Karaikudi Annalakshmi. We have been able improve the Kitchen Productivity by manifold using this model.

Party / Wedding Catering

We have been able to make a mark in the nation’s most unorganized sector -food preparation at wedding sites, by high level of automation, well tested recipes, sophisticated systems involving TQM.

Corporate Catering

Corporate catering , while being a less profitable business, is also the most difficult to sustain due to the dynamic nature of changing taste and fast setting monotony. We have retained most of our customers for more than 5 years.


 Our business model has various distribution points, which include Fine Dine Restaurant, Kiosk Styled Food outlet ,Self-service Restaurant & Food Court.


Running an economical, hygienic & systematic kitchen is a must for any institution, where cooking is done in large volumes, day in – day out. We have helped businesses & educational institutes run their kitchen in a more efficient way than ever before.  

Turn Key

With the booming Food Industry in India, many might be interested in a piece of the pie. We will help you setup a Restaurant / Catering business from the ground up on a Turn-Key solution. 


Central Kitchens 


Food Outlets 


Multi-Cuisine Recipies


Satisfied Diners every year (On Avg) 


Our Process

Nothing is Impossible. Because, Even Impossible has "Possible" in it. We take it to our heart and incorporate in our cooking at every step of the way.

Steam Cooking

Over 95% of our cooking is done under 90 Degree C using saturated steam, to preserve the nutrients and flavor from the raw materials used. Prior to cooking, our vegetables are Washed using OZONATION method to remove any chemical or pesticide residue from the vegetables.

1000+ Multi Cuisine Recipes

How many caterers have you heard of, who can cook over 1000 reciepies at the same consistency and quality every single time ? At our kitchen, Research & Development of new reciepies is a core department. We have a wide range of menu to choose from including Chettinadu Dishes, South Indian, North Indian, Bengali, Chinese, Italian, etc.

Computerized Cooking

We use computerized cooking measurements & proportions to retain the taste & consistency of every dish we make. So, the consistency in taste never changes from one order to the other.


Let it be Washing Vegetables or Making Dosas. Few of our automations includes, Onion Peeler, Vegetable Peeler, Multi-Vegetable Cutter, Roti Maker, Batter Mixer, Rice Washer, Garlic Peeler, Water Dehydrator, Oil Extractor, etc.

Energy Efficient

We are very focused in the using the minimal energy to produce maximum efficiency. We have done this using various methods, including Solar Water Heaters, Solar Power Systems, Use of Firewood for dosa or even the Ceramic BBQ range.

Minimal Food Wastage

We try to maximize the yield in output for any raw materials used, including rice & dal using our unique cooking techniques. We have also developed proprietary systems to monitor wastage of food using algorithmic calculations and have used the results to plan future preparations. 


Our Process Videos

A few of our Automated & Semi-Automated Processes.




A Trusted Name in the South Indian Food Industry with Customers & Companies Statewide

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